Cake Smash Edible Art Decorative Cake Paint Sweet Sticks Color

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Color: 8 Assorted # 2

Details: How to paint with Edible Art Metallic Decorative Paint by Sweet Sticks Before you start: Tip 1. Shake the bottle well to ensure the solid and liquid ingredients mix together to form an even consistency to paint with. You can also open the bottle and stir the mixture with the end of your paint brush before shaking. Shake the bottle each time before using the paint, including between sessions. If your paint is transparent, the ingredients haven’t mixed together Tip 2. Play with your paints, become familiar with them. Each color has different pigmentation, so get a feel for each color. Edible surfaces are all different, so also paint on different painting surfaces; the metallic paints can be applied to fondant, crusted buttercream cakes (chilled), sugar cookies, marshmallows, confectionery, ganache, modeling chocolate, macarons and fruits. Do not use these metallic paints on Italian or Swiss meringue buttercream as these surfaces keep the paints from air-drying and leave them in liquid form. Tip 3. These Metallic Paints prefer wide, flat brushes with soft bristles Tip 4. Have hot soapy water and paper towels on hand. When done with one color, wash your brush gently and dry at once with a paper towel; you can also wash the brush with dishwashing liquid in your hand, then rinse with hot water How to paint: Tip 1. Don’t load your brush with too much paint — it’s easier to build up the color than take it away. If another coat is needed (depending on your desired color), wait for the first coat to dry; thick coats of paint will take much longer to dry. Tip 2. This paint is designed to be used straight from the bottle. You can add a drop of 95-percent high-grade alcohol to thin the paint when needed.

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