Sewing Book (5th Edition) Quick & Easy Way To Learn

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Product Description Become an expert at sewing without spending weeks trying to learn how! (Even if you're a complete beginner) Imagine going from an absolute beginner to expert at sewing in just a few days. What if you became so good at sewing that you could make your own clothes, fix pretty much anything, and all of this only took a few days of practice? Multi-time best selling arts & crafts author and influencer, Kitty Moore, presents the ultimate book for all beginners trying to learn how to sew. After years of sewing, Kitty realized that becoming great at sewing (for the 90%+ most common uses) could be accomplished in days, NOT weeks, if the right things were learned and practiced from day one. In this book you will get these "hacks" and learn how to completely transform your skill level on a sewing machine. If you want to learn how to sew, but want to learn fast or can't seem to grasp the basics...If you want a new hobby and sewing interests you but you're not sure where to begin...Or if the idea of receiving a full list of sewing instructions and patterns appeals to you... THEN THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU! This is my 5th Edition of the book and after months of feedback and editing, my team and I have produced the MOST EFFECTIVE & BEST-SELLING "beginners sewing book" on Amazon! In this book, you will get: Images included with all stages of the learning process, so you can learn faster than ever before A massive list of patterns included in this book that range from beginner to advanced, so you can learn and practice at the same time (this is a proven method to learn a new skill faster) Comprehensive step-by-step instructions for each pattern, so that anyone can follow along (even absolute beginners who have never done any sewing in their life) Kitty's personal email address for unlimited customer support if you have any questions And much, much more... Review "This beginner's guide for sewing is suited to those who have interest in sewing and knitting like me. This book contains complete basic information about sewing machines and how they work. Also the author has written easy directions on how to sew essential items needed at home like a coin purse, curtains, handkerchief and many more items. This book is really informative!" -- Lana K. "Easy to apply! This book is very practical to learn how to sewing. This is a clear guide for beginners like me. I was able to learn all the terms to use the patterns with the sewing machine just by reading this guide. The book also teaches how to save money in the sewing process. You will not learn overnight but the book will give a heads up in the sewing world." -- Dennis R. "This book has really got my attention for hours. I know a little about sewing, but this book educated me completely. This book taught me about sewing terms, which is very important as these jargons will help me master the craft. I also appreciate that it included simple patterns to get me started." -- April Hart "Good beginner book to learn how to sew. Good common definitions and several quick and easy projects, like a garden apron, baby blanket and several other fun ideas to try. I especially liked the part about setting up your sewing machine." -- Valerie Garner "What is totally amazing about this book is that it is very complete. It has given just about everything that one needs to know about the sewing machine, plus amazing samples given in links. For someone who is just starting on sewing, this book is a blessing! Now I can make my own kitchen towels and head scarves! This is just amazing!" -- Patricia Thompson About the Author Express yourself. Whether it's crafting, decorating my home, or helping my kids with school projects I enjoy expressing myself. I believe it's my duty and my obligation to inspire others. I hope that others can take these ideas I have put out, and mold them to fit their own. "In crafts there are no mistakes. It is your own unique creation."

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