Full Size Hot Glue Sticks DIY Craft Projects and Sealing

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Details: Magicfly Hot melt adhesive is a safe, versatile bonding option for plenty of applications.

Including Arts & Crafts, Basic Repairs, Homemade Jewelry, Fabrics, Foam, Yard, Furniture and Woodworking, and So Much More! FOR MATERIALS
Paper, Wood, Ceramic, Plastics, Fabrics, Glass, Styrofoam, Metal and organic substrates.ATTENTIONS
1.Bonded surface must be clean and dry before installation.
2.The bonded position must be mark before installation.
3.The glue a higher temperature after heating, so be careful of burns.Specifications:
Color: transparent
Size: 4" x 0.43"
Operating Temperature: all temperature

Binding: Office Product

Tags: diy

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