Selfie Photography Computer Ring Light for Video Conferencing

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The ring light has 3 possible light temperatures: warm white, neutral white and cool white. Each color can be set to 10 different brightness. The light may be very bright or very warm, so you can use ring lights in many situations. Our ring lights are perfect dimmable lighting that can illuminate your beauty and protect your eyes.

The selfie light adopts the latest tripod design, which is more stable than ordinary ABS tripods. Both the ring light and the light stand can be adjusted 360 degrees in any direction. The joystick of the mobile phone can be adjusted left and right, front and rear, so it is very flexible and can always keep the most Good angle. Adjust the phone.

The ring light has a USB interface and can be used for almost all devices with USB connections, such as laptops, mobile power supplies, and USB adapters. The included shutter release button can be connected to all smartphones via Bluetooth. After connecting to the phone, you can take photos or videos within 10 meters.

The mobile phone holder and Selfie ring light are combined into a combination design to provide supplementary lighting effects, which can be used for makeup, online teaching, taking pictures, reading, making videos, live broadcasting, portrait photos, video blogs, hair salons, photo studios, weddings Art, indoor lighting, outdoor photography lights, advertising photography, video, live broadcast, photo shooting and other social media.

Video conference lighting equipment can be used for video conference remote work, zoom calls and remote education, making our appearance more beautiful and making our work more effective. The 360° rotating ball head can adjust the angle of the video light to provide proper position lighting.

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