Cake Stainless Steel Flour Sifter Large Baking Sieve Cup

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Details: Even if you’re not a professional baker, basic cooking often involves the use of flour. And when you’re making pancakes, cookies and other similar types of recipes, You need the flour ingredient to be sifted properly in order to achieve the best results. Sifting flour is an important step in baking during the making of bread, cakes and biscuits. Baked cake will be more delicate, soft taste after these steps. filter excess impurities, make the flour texture expand and not granulate; Increase the air content in the flour, mix well with the egg liquid and baking; Then a perfect cake will come to your life… With NPYPQ handheld flour sifter, you can enjoy the delicious food as well as the pleasure of baking. Specifications: Large capacity: 5-Cup Filter mesh: Double layer 20 mesh Packing: Kraft paper box Contents: Flour Sifter (5 cup) x 1 Size: Diameter 5" x height 5.35" How to use it? Pour in the flour and keep pressing the handle. It takes only 1.5 minutes to sieve out a whole cup of flour. Squeeze trigger model of flour sifter, It has a 5 cup capacity and it works by using just one-hand. Made of stainless steel materials and built with a trigger sifting mechanism, this unit can efficiently sift flour, powdered sugar, and other ingredients of the same texture and form. To clean, hand wash is recommended as it’s not dishwasher safe.

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