White Marble and Acacia Pedestal for Dessert Display

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  • Fully re-designed Marble Cake Stand with screw-in base: There is a strong design element incorporated in each marble and wooden cake stand. One glance at the cake pedestals will have friends and family gasping in awe at its arresting form and great durability.
  • Incredibly unique combination of materials: On one hand, you have your standard wooden cupcake stand. On the other, are utilitarian plastic ones. We've combined luxurious marble with contemporary wood for a fancy and unique serving display indeed.
  • Noticeable high standard of workmanship: Run your finger around the lip of the marble and wooden cake stands - you'll feel smooth surfaces and flawless seams. Your guests can focus on the cakes and the white pedestal platter and splash photos all across their social media platforms..
  • Luxurious modern design for a versatile piece: The aesthetic fits in any room. Use the stone cake stand for icing pastries, or for serving cupcakes on a lovely pedestal cake stand. Use the stand for cheese and grapes, or for a lovely afternoon tea.
  • The only gift worth giving: The elegant host with truly discerning taste will adore entertaining with true hospitality, thanks to this fancy white cake stand. It blends in seamlessly with the décor while serving up a bit of panache.

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