5 in 1 Photography Video Studio Lighting Disc Reflector

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Color: Black, White, Gold, Silver, Translucent White

Details: 5 Colors Multi Studio Light Collapsible Disc Reflector

- 5-in-1(Five applications in one product) Great versatility to get the perfect lighting.
- Durable and flexible steel spring frame insures easy spreading and closing.
- Comes with a long-lasting zippered carrying case, easy to carry outside with small folded size.
- Can be used indoors or outdoors
- Carrying case included
- Shape : Disc Reflector
- Size: 32-inch Diameter
- Convenient Zipped round carrying bag included
- Easy spreading and closing.
- Durable and Flexible steel spring frame
*It is one disc with cover that is reversible and have five different reflective surfaces.
*The core disc is diffused/translucent white, the cover is black/silver, or white/gold

Make soft warm tone, Decrease the exposal from background to foreground, More natural effect when backlighting
For sunset portraits and any desireed photo under the soft and warm background

Make cold tone and a more bright effect. Provide a sharp contrast light. Highlight the Fine surface texture and improvescolor saturation.
When the light comes from the head, you can put the Silver side under the face so that you can catch the light reflected to the face and get the perfect effect.

Make a very soft and natural effect. Provide light to reduce shadow.
Good to reduce shadow like the window lighting indoors and outdoors for portraits and so on.

Absorb unwanted light
Put Black side on the head, it can make the eyes more normal and soft under the sharp sunshine.

Translucent Fabric
For "Shoot Through" position photograph. Trail off the sharp light to make the light softer and reduce the light and shade contrast.
Disclosure: Part(s) and/or design is subject to change without notice for better performance.

EAN: 7290105100542

Binding: Electronics

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