Fovitec - 68" Octagon Softbox with Bowens Speedring for Photo & Video

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Details: "The Fovitec octagon softbox with Bowens speedring is used to diffuse strobe lights and provide you with even lighting. The diffusion panels allow you to adjust the output of the strobe head creating a softer more flattering light with open shadows. The portability and lightweight fabrics of this softbox make transportation easy. Using a softbox will dramatically improve your portrait lighting.

An octagon softbox will create rounded highlights on reflective objects as well as octagonal-shaped catch lights in a subject’s eye in a portrait. An octagon shape is the ideal shape for portrait and fashion photography. The larger the softbox, in relation to the subject, the softer the light becomes.

Best Photo Uses Portraiture, product photography, fashion, wedding photography and more! "

EAN: 0811026020862

Binding: Electronics

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