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We have used 100 % edible materials in the creation of the best edible cake toppers. Please see below the complete list of ingredients used;

➤ Icing Sheets: Starch (E1422, E1412)
➤ Maltodextrin
➤ Glycerin
➤ Sugar
➤ Water
➤ Stabilizers (E414, E460i)
➤ Dextrose, Emulsifiers (E435, E491, E471)
➤ Food Colour (E171)
➤ Aroma (Vanilla)
➤ Preservatives (E202, E330)
➤ Edible Inks: Water
➤ Humectant: E422
➤ Dyes: E102 E122 E124 E133
➤ Acidic Medium: E330
➤ Preservative: E202


Our 7.5 Inch edible cake decorations are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. You can stick this paper on the icing, melted chocolate, buttercream, and jam. Please see instructions for application;
✔ First, you will require a sharp and dry scissor to cut around the images.
✔ Peel off the backing and apply the topper on your cake.
✔ If the base layer is also icing, the topper might bond to it. On different bases, it will simply rest.
✔ Please ensure the base is not too moist, or the topper may soak it up and the colors may run.
✔ If in doubt, apply at the last minute!

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